• Access to Credible Asatizahs

    Choose from our list of certified asatizahs who are accredited under the Singapore Quranic Teacher Recognition Scheme (QTRS). Our virtual face-to-face learning system means you have access to experienced teachers for effective Quran learning. Our teachers are also listed based on their skills and strengths, so take your pick on a teacher that fits your needs.

  • Own Time Own Target (OTOT)

    Working shifts? Only available after office hours? Only available in the mornings after the children are at school?

    With just 15 minutes per session, set a date with the Quran and learn from a teacher. You can even learn everyday in bite-sized pieces at your own time and target.

  • Affordable Classes

    Our per-minute charges mean that you pay only for the time you meet your teacher. Our system also keeps track of the time you are engaged in a lesson and your fees, offering you cashless options for payment; easy, fast and convenient.


With qualified asatizahs and a flexible consultation-style virtual classes, be assured of quality lessons at your own time and pace.


Basic Recitation
Choose this package if you have never learnt the Quranic Alphabets of Alif to Ya’ or need a quick revision. It is never too late to start!

Intermediate – Recitation with Tajweed
Tajweed rules for proper recitation are diverse but it is important to learn them when you are ready. Our teachers will cater to your pace and guide you closely.

Advanced – Polishing your Recitation
With Tajweed knowledge being familiar to you, choose this program to polish your recitation. Reading the Quran is a beautiful deed!

Memorise Juz 30’
Memorise this Juzu (-Naba’ to An-Naas) and vary your recitation during prayers. Memorise in your own time and check your memorisation with Qualified Teachers.

Memorise 5 Selected Surah
These medium-length surah were selected for an upgrade to your memorisation journey: As-Sajdah, Ar-Rahmaan, Al-Waaqi’ah, Al-Mulk, Al-Insaan



With over 200 asatizahs listed, both male and female, you have access to Quran learning of quality standards.

Here are some of our featured asatizahs

  • 1:26


    Hayati is our Accredited Guroo who puts in hard (heart) work into teaching.

    Hayati believes that teaching is imparting beneficial knowledge and transforming human lives.

  • 1:29


    Salihin is one of our Accredited Guroos. He believes in guiding his students towards academic success and has worked with many students over the past 10 years.

  • 1:16


    Joyce believes that younger students should be guided closely and motivated to grasp concepts better in the early years of education. She is a full-time tutor and an Accredited Guroo.